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National Standards for Die Steel Materials [Latest Specifica

Release time:2020-06-24

The material of the mold steel is not small. For the manufacturers who produce it, there is really a lot of knowledge in it. You must choose the product that suits you. According to a series of policies promulgated by the state, how about the national standard [latest specification] of die steel materials? The country has relevant regulations, and has issued some policies and regulations, etc., which need to be compared and compared, which can help when buying.

On October 14, 2017, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Management Committee approved 425 national standards including the "Smart City Technology Reference Model", including the "Cold Work Die Steel" Part 1: High-toughness and high-abrasion-resistant steel", "Cold-work die steel Part 2: Flame-quenched steel", "Hot-work die steel Part 1: Steel for die-casting die" three specialized die steel standards. The specific standard numbers and estimated implementation dates of these three standards are as follows:


No.: 354-National Standard Number: GB/T 34564.1-2017-National Standard Name: Cold Work Die Steel Part 1: High Toughness and High Wear Resistance Steel-Replacement Standard Number: Development-Implementation Date: 2018- 07-01
No.: 355-National Standard Number: GB/T 34564.2-2017-National Standard Name: Cold Work Die Steel Part 2: Flame Quenched Steel-Replacement Standard Number: Formulated-Implementation Date: 2018-07-01
Serial number: 356-National Standard Number: GB/T 34565.1-2017-National Standard Name: Hot Work Die Steel Part 1: Steel for Die Casting Dies-Replacement Standard Number: Development-Implementation Date: 2018-05-01
Compared with GB/T 1299-2014, these three standards fully take into account the development status of China's mold industry and the needs of the mold industry, reflect the scientific, advanced and operability, is a more professional mold steel standard, quality requirements There is a substantial upgrade. The promulgation and implementation of the standards will play a regulatory role in the development of my country's high-end mold materials and mold industry, marking my country's beginning to have its own high-end mold material standards, reflecting that my country's mold material industry research and development has entered a new stage of development.
We have already introduced a more detailed introduction to the national standard for die steel materials [the latest specifications]. The new standards promulgated by the state require everyone to abide by them. When purchasing, they also need to follow this rule. If you want to know more about mold steel, you can read "Several Points for Attention in Design and Management of 2083 Mold Steel Precision Mold".