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The definition of cold work die steel

Release time:2020-06-24
Since cold work dies are mostly operated at room temperature, the plastic deformation resistance of the material is large, the working stress of the dies is large, and the working conditions are harsh. In general, the performance of such dies generally requires high hardness and wear resistance, sufficient strength, and appropriate toughness.
Therefore, cold work die steel is usually high carbon in composition to meet the needs of high hardness and high wear resistance.
If the toughness needs to be increased in order to improve the impact resistance of the mold, medium carbon steel can be selected, then hot work mold steel can be used instead.
When alloying elements are added to the cold work die steel, it is mainly to improve the hardenability and wear resistance. For the molds with high wear resistance requirements, the addition of carbide forming elements, such as Cr, Mo, W, V and other elements, is mostly used. Multi-alloy steel.
Considering the type of steel, cold work die steels are mostly hypereutectoid steels and leestenite steels, which generally belong to the tool steel category.