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Address:No. 90, Hexing Road, Shatou, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City

       Dongguan High vacuum heat treatment was founded in 2010 and covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters. It is a member of China Heat Treatment Society and Guangdong Heat Treatment Society. We are specialized in vacuum treatment and heat treatment for large mold, high speed steel, powder high speed steel mold, precision mold, cold and hot extrusion mold, copper and aluminum alloy pressure drill mold, hardware accessories, mold accessories. The company has a very professional heat treatment technical team and two senior engineers, production technicians, strong technical force.
       In order to better meet the requirements of customers, the laboratory testing center passed ISO9001 in 2016. 2015 audit, establish and improve the quality management system, with excellent quality and efficient business philosophy to serve the majority of customers.
       High heating treatment has been adhering to the technology plant, quality to win the customer's development principles, in the Pearl River Delta region by the majority of customers highly praised and concerned.

Introduction to Senior Engineer

1993 ~ 2005 of south China university of technology of metal materials heat treatment laboratory work during 94 ~ 96 in mechatronics major in metal material and heat treatment of 2005 ~ 2015 in the service of large metal material heat treatment company, mainly responsible for the heat treatment process of the die materials of customization, mold material selection and application of die failure reason analysis, etc. With more than 20 years of die material failure analysis, metal material metallurgical quality analysis, familiar with the domestic and foreign material brands, to die material performance and application characteristics of in-depth research.
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"The Quality is first, The service is supreme, team work and keep improving" that is all ChangWei staff's objective of the struggle. Now, GaoJia new plant expansion of capacity up to 240 tons per month. We will continue to develop is closely related to the mold business services, Efforts to createunlimited  business opportunities for customers and enhance customer competitiveness. We wish to adhering to the past technical experience accumulated, Further study,  innovation,  and continous to improve the level of technology. Assist hit a peak mould and die industry in China and overseas, With exquisite technical and sincere service to  win customer recognition and trust. 


corporate vision

In future, GaoJia plant not only need good performance, also require us to insist the core values, and insist the highest standards of ethics and integrity. 
By individual, team and company level support and adherence to these core values, GaoJia will become a great company.
Focus on the high-end mold vacuum heat treatment.