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    The company was established in dongguan, Guangdong province in 2009. After ten years of development, the factory covers an area of about 8000 square meters, with about 60 employees, and has a number of subsidiaries and distribution direct-sale stores (Shenzhen direct-sale store, Hengli direct-sale store, Tangxia direct-sale store, zhongshan direct-sale store) in Guangdong. In order to improve the mold life and ensure the stability of product quality, the company invested more than 10 million yuan to set up (Dongguan High Vacuum Heat treatment Plant) in 2011, covering an area of 3,000 square meters, with 2 senior engineers and nearly 40 technicians, to provide customers with long-term and stable value-added services.

    The company originates from processing/sales: pre-hardened fine plate (slow-moving silk thread cutting and preparing materials), high-speed steel, powder steel imported from Europe, domestic/imported super hard alloy (special for PG), breathable steel imported from Japan/America, superalloy, tungsten copper alloy, cold die steel, plastic die steel and so on. After ten years of continuous exploration and accumulation of experience, the company has professional technical team of meisheng and international advanced production equipment, and equipped with advanced laboratory facilities (German Zeiss metallographic microscope, spark direct reading spectrometer, X-ray spectrometer, etc.) of Oxford, reserve a large number of high demand, the degree of big mold material selection and heat treatment processing actual combat experience, many well-known domestic and foreign die steel mills and customers praise and recommendation. Deep research in recent years, through the untiring efforts of the technical team, product extends to copper/aluminum alloy die casting/die steel die steel, cold/hot upsetting extrusion pressure, constantly to meet the production condition of complex mold and bad environment requirements, we will continue to be aggressive and with the domestic northeast special steel group, the smelting technology co., Dr Europe several top special steel enterprise and senior mold engineers, experts work closely for the overwhelming majority of customers with the latest core application technical support.

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The Quality is first, The service is supreme, team work and keep improving "that is all SongYu staff,s objective of the struggleNow, SongYu establish the foreign trade department, We start to sales to South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, Malaysia Etccountry Preliminary abroad to establish friendly relations of cooperation, Increase the intensity of SongYu product promotion We will
continue to develop mould industry related services, Efforts to create unlimited business opportunities for customers and enhance customer competitiveness. We wish to adhering to the performance of past glory, Assist hit a peak mould and die industry in China and overseas .With high quality products and sincere service to win customer recognition and trust.


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